Monday, July 22, 2013

Our family of four

It seems like a really long time ago that Natalie Chiles, a local San Diego Newborn Photographer, took these amazing photos of our family of four. 

It's been FOUR months since we welcomed Carson into our family.

We have all changed and grown so much since March.  Leila has been showing more interest in her little brother. She no longer needs to sit on top of me while he nurses and loves to make him laugh.

I don't feel crazy anymore, but am quickly remembering with the passing of one challenging stage comes another. Jeff is feeling more adjusted too! He is a self-proclaimed baby-hater (Okay, that may be too harsh...but true nonetheless.) and is looking forward to a stage when Carson is more interactive.


Looking back at these photos reminds me how happy I am that we got them taken. Natalie made us feel so comfortable during this shoot. She took time before Carson was born to check out my sister's apartment to make sure the lighting would work and sent me countless emails with questions and ideas to ensure we'd be thrilled with our photos.

The photo shoot lasted a couple hours, with a nursing break, lunch break, and clothing change for some of us. We hung out and chatted as a family on the couch while she took some candid shots, then she patiently waited for Carson to fall asleep for the shots of just him.  I know Natalie was as excited as I was to get this photo (and many others) of Carson smiling.

I love that when you Google "Natalie Chiles", this is one of the images that comes up.

To top off our experience, Natalie came over and shared the newborn photos with us personally. She wanted to see our reactions in person! That really proved to Jeff and I that she was proud of her beautiful work. As you can tell by the pictures, she should be! My only regret...not having her take photos of Leila as a newborn.

He still curls his long toes like this!

Natalie recently took newborn photos for a friend of mine and I can't wait to see how they turned out. 

Check out Natalie's blog here for more photos, craft ideas, and recipes. You can be sure I'll be begging her to do a family shoot for us in the future.
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