Friday, August 9, 2013

The BIRTHDAY Great List [8.09.13}

This week was especially great because it was my BIRTHDAY! I have always loved celebrating my birthday, actually any birthday, I don't discriminate. But this year's number was BIG. Something about thirty-six seems so much scarier than thirty-five. Thirty-five was a novelty, thirty-six is just old.

The positive side is that I am happy to have lived 36 years, and plan on living many more great ones. This week's Great List is dedicated to sharing all the great things I did with my family and friends that helped make thirty-six a whole lot easier to welcome.

Sea World trip with my favorite girl. Not really birthday related, but still great to have some time with just Leila this week.
1. I started my birthday celebration with a trip to the mall to get my free Sephora birthday gift. This year one of the items was my favorite mascara from Benefit (They're Real!). Score!

2. Lauren surprised me by treating me (and Leila) to a pre-birthday dinner at California Pizza Kitchen after our shopping trip. During my pregnancy with Carson I wanted a Mojito so badly. I kicked off my birthday celebration with a drink that I haven't had in over a year.

3. Running is one of my favorite hobbies, but finding time to run isn't easy. After sleeping in a bit, (thanks, Jeff!) my sister and I went for run. I love that I can knock out three miles again now just 5ish months after having Carson. This exercise turned out to be more than necessary (see below).

4. Betsy always makes dessert for all our birthday celebrations. This year I got two varieties...the best Lemon Squares she's ever made, and a classic favorite, Coconut cookies. To top it off, Amy's dad made me my very own batch of his Almond Crescent cookies. When Amy and I were roommates I would ask her to hide these cookies from me because I can easily eat fifteen (don't judge) in one sitting (okay, standing).

5. Jeff and I decided not to exchange birthday gifts this year but I did get the gift of ME time. I spent three hours at the pool with my girlfriends. No kids, no strange Ergo tan lines, lots of champagne. Best gift ever.

6. I had one too many glasses of wine with a group of my mom-friends that evening at the Catamaran Hotel and Spa. I love that Lauren celebrated with me like it was her birthday too!

7. To end the BIG 3-6 celebration, Jeff and I went to Rocky's for dinner date on Monday night. I chose Rocky's for the beer and burgers, but mostly because it's a bar that we can't go to with the kids.

What a great birthday! 

Thirty-six, get your fix. Thirty-six, get in the mix. Thirty-six, take some pics. I need good  rhyme for this year...  

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