Monday, August 12, 2013

A successful first haircut

A month before her third birthday, Leila finally had enough hair to warrant her first haircut. (Remember when I cut her femullet? That doesn't count.)

Look at all that hair on the black cover!
Leila's curly wings were out-of-control and needed a professional's attention. I've seen way too many photos of kids crying in the chair as their hair is getting cut for the first time. I knew I had to prepare Leila in order for a smooth and successful haircut. 

Because I also needed a haircut, I chose to take her to my hair stylist instead of a kid's salon. I scheduled my cut right before Leila's so she could watch how it was done and what was expected of her.

The day before Leila's scheduled haircut we practiced and talked about how Rachel would spray her hair and use the comb and scissors. I also prepared her by giving her an arm tattoo, just like Rachel, and I showed her pictures from Rachel's Facebook page. By the time Leila met Rachel she hugged her like they were old friends!

All of our preparations worked! Their were no tears, no struggles, and no fears. Leila was excited about her haircut because we made it a big and exciting deal (and the ice cream bribe didn't hurt either!).

Seriously adorable! I am surprised at what a difference the haircut makes. She looks older with all those thin baby wisps gone.

My dream of Leila wearing pigtails at her third birthday isn't happening. Someday...

 How was your child's first haircut experience? 
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