Wednesday, December 5, 2012

26 weeks {Bumpdate}

How far along: 26 weeks

Weight gain/loss:  After not stepping on the scale last week I was a little scared to see the Thanksgiving damage.  However, I did get weighed in at my doctor's appointment on Friday.  AND, the doctor had the nerve to tell me I had put on a little Thanksgiving weight.  Who says that?!  Especially since I only put on two pounds these past two weeks.  Total weight gain so far = 13.5 lbs  

Feeling: In the holiday spirit!  

Maternity clothes: Yes!  And what is it about maternity clothes?  Mine always seem to get the strangest stains.  Luckily I won't be wearing them for more than a few months.  

Stretch marks:  Nope.

Sleep: I am happy that belly gravity, when sleeping on my side, is not too bad.  I can easily wedge a pillow under it for comfort but its not necessary.

Best moment(s) this week:  Getting our Christmas tree up.  I loved listening to Leila squeal from excitement as she discovered an ornament she wanted to hang.

Food cravings: Peppermint coffee, peppermint chocolate, peppermint candy canes...

Gender: It's a boy!

Movement: Lots!

What I miss:  Getting my drink on while wrapping presents.  It's gonna be more difficult to get them wrapped without wine. 

What I'm looking forward to:  I have the 1-hour glucose test on Thursday.  That means I got a babysitter AND that I can use the rest of my day to get some shopping done, alone.

Weekly wisdom: It seemed like just last week I was saying, "Only 4 more months."  Well THAT month just flew by!  This is going much faster than my first pregnancy.

Milestones: His eyelashes have grown.  I sure hope they are long like Leila's!

Due date: 3-13-13
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