Friday, January 13, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Having a toddler makes you look at the world differently. It also makes you step back and look at your self...

because if you do it, they do it.

Leila has been mimicking us for some time now. It started with smiles, then onto gestures, facial expressions, and sounds. Now she mimics everything!

Jeff coughs and then Leila coughs three seconds later. Aunt Val and I stretch after a run, and there's Leila stretching too. Grandpa puts a block in her shirt and I find her doing the same. She will run to the trash can (pretending to have a piece of something in her hand) after someone throws garbage away. And I definitely have to be very careful that I do not scratch my head while she's eating peanut butter.

Here's my little monkey mimicking Grandma.

Loveable Leila


I've already convinced her vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen floor, and doing dishes are fun. Can I get her to fold the laundry too?

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