Saturday, January 7, 2012

I don't make sense

Not even to myself.

Ever since I went three months without showering (maternity leave was rough!) I make it my priority to take a shower during Leila's morning nap.

I shave my legs, style my hair, and apply make-up. Then I put on pajamas. Technically they are yoga pants, but I have worn these to bed before. I pull out my most decent tank top from the dresser (the same ones I sleep and workout in) and throw it on. I add small stud earrings, but feel too under dressed for my diamond engagement ring. Flip flops are usually on my feet although barefoot would be best, even flip flops look silly with yoga pants. There I am, all dressed and ready to go looking like I should be on TLC's What Not to Wear from the neck down.

Why can't I put on regular clothes? I have plenty of casual tops and jeans (my entire wardrobe) but I am just going to the park or grocery store so I wear my pjs!?

This does not make sense, I know. I know I promised myself that I would work on ME this year. Why can't I get out of this clothing rut? Maybe I need to turn it into a challenge and trick myself into wearing my real clothes. Or maybe I will just buy some more yoga pants.
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