Thursday, January 5, 2012

A fresh look

We are very lucky to have friends and family that will come and visit us from all over the country. Lucky for them, really. San Diego is America's finest city!

This month my parents are coming for ten days before heading off on their next adventure. There are many reasons I love when they visit (I'm not just saying that because I know they're reading.) They stay at a rental, make dinner, get me drunk, take care of my child, help with laundry, and make me feel loved. Since Leila was born they have visited more than ever.

The very best thing about their visits is their reaction to Leila after not seeing her for a few months. It seems to me, and those around us that 15 month old Leila is the same as 12 month old Leila. I know this is really not possible. She was walking last time they visited and well, she's still walking. No major physical milestones but plenty of cognitive one. Those are the changes that are more subtle over time.

Just so curious what they'll say. Maybe a mention of her baldness or a compliment on her first haircut? Maybe they'll notice her eleven teeth or that she spits out vegetables? Maybe they can understand her "talking"? They will definitely notice that her curiosity and sunny disposition hasn't changed a bit!

Look! She can still wear the same outfit at 12 months and 15 months.

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