Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Plan

This is not your typical New Year's Resolution post. I cannot wrap my head around what life will bring this next year.

To make a goal or resolution for an entire year seems foolish and is a waste of my time (and yours too!) This year I am going to challenge myself one small goal at a time.

I started the holiday season with one simple goal: To maintain my weight during the season of over-indulgence. 
To reach my goal, I challenged myself to cut out alcohol (yes, that means wine too) during the week. I am thrilled to report that I weighed myself today and...SUCCESS!  I didn't gain a pound over the holidays!

So, that's how I plan to roll all year long.
One challenge at a time. 
One success leading to another. 
One ultimate goal: Lose this baby weight.

Life will bring me challenges everyday but this is about ME. I will be challenging myself to ensure this is a year to remember!

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Happy New Year!
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