Monday, January 30, 2012

Biker Babes

My life just got a little cooler.


Months after getting a bike seat (and helmet) for Leila's birthday we went for our first ride! This will definitely be a new way for Leila check out our town. We've been limited to playing at our local park because of her old two nap schedule. But now we have time to run a quick errand, check out the waves, head to the library, run near the jetty, AND play at the park.

I'm sure you are probably tired of me say it, but it's true. I love this town!

It does have some drawbacks though. For one, we've had three locked bikes stolen from our carport area. We have no yard and could never afford one anyways. This place has more bars than taco shops, and less pizza joints than I'd like. Also, you cannot go one day without almost stepping in dog poop.

Guess that's the price you have to pay for paradise.
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