Saturday, July 2, 2011

40 Weeks (not pregnant!)

On Wednesday of this week Leila turned 40 weeks old. That is hard to believe because that's how long I was pregnant with her. Actually it was 40 weeks and 26 minutes.

And why on earth is still counting her age in weeks?!!?

We've been enjoying our first week of summer vacation together. Daily walks, trips to the park, and trying new foods. I really love this age!


Leila is showing us that she is curious, friendly, and a bit of a thrill seeker. She's a good sleeper, probably since she does not sit still for very long. I felt so special the other day when she sat on my lap and I was able to read her THREE WHOLE PAGES of her favorite book.

Leila dances to music (with one hand up in the air), loves to be chased, and is beginning to be more vocal. Just today she and I cracked up at each other for no reason at all. Or maybe I am just funny looking.

I expected summer vacation to be wonderful. I have been looking forward to it since spring break came to a close.

Time for me to enjoy my baby!
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