Saturday, July 16, 2011

Doctor's orders

For the most part, Jeff and I have different personalities. You would never expect him to be super anal when it comes to Leila's meal times...sounds a little more like my style.

I can happily say that I am not the freak this time!

Jeff wipes Leila's mouth AND hands after each bite he gives her with a spoon. I have never seen him give her finger foods. Poor Leila.

I called the Doctor's office to ask some questions about our airplane ride and asked a few questions about foods for Leila. Now that she is almost refusing to be spoon fed, minus prunes...thank goodness, I am struggling with finger food ideas.

I was told to lay down a shower curtain under her highchair, give her a spoon, and bowl, and let her go to town. So today I tried it. Twenty percent of the potatoes went in or near her mouth, twenty percent were on the floor, and sixty percent were left somewhere on her highchair.

For the record: I used to judge moms with dirty highchairs. So sorry! I'm learning and already judging much much less!


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