Sunday, August 28, 2011

New tricks

Leila has been trying and not liking many new foods. Well, I can't really tell if she likes the new foods because she is pushing EVERYTHING out of her mouth (already been chewed style).

My theory is that she just figured out she can do it, so she does. Or since her two bottom teeth are sticking up she runs her tongue across her teeth and accidentally pushes the food onto her chin. I've seen her do this without food in her mouth. Who knows... there is NO WAY she suddenly hates all foods!

This weekend Leila finally tried watermelon. I love watermelon (eating some as I write) but never buy it because it's too heavy to walk home with it. Driving to the grocery store = watermelon!

She was willing to try it. Go ahead, help yourself!

Check out the sweet pool set up we have for Leila over at Betsy's.

I think I will just chew on the rind.

It seems like she likes it. I just wish I knew why she thinks it is a good idea to spit it out!
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