Friday, August 17, 2012

The Great List {08.17.2012}

One of the first things I do on Friday morning is head over to Betsylife to read her newest addition of The Great List.  It's a wonderful way to start the day and and even better way to kick-off the weekend.

What's The Great List?

Betsy says it best..."Every Friday here on Betsylife, I like to take a day to reflect on all the great things that happened throughout the week.  It’s pretty easy for life to get in the way, and the next thing you know, weeks have gone by and you haven’t even come up for air. I make it a point every Friday to reflect on the past week, count my blessings, and start each weekend on a good note. Some weeks totally suck, and maybe the only good thing that happens is that you were able to finish all the laundry, but I’m a firm believer in silver linings, and feel that no matter how stressful life gets, there has to be at least one great thing happening for everyone each week whether it be large or small." 

It's inspirational, funny, emotional, uplifting, and simple.  That's why I will be following her lead and sharing the great things that happen each week in our lives.  I hope you'll be inspired to do the same!

1.  I have been trying to get Leila to eat vegetables for months without luck.  This week I finally tried a green smoothie recipe from my friend Lauren that includes frozen fruit, KALE, and SPINACH.  It's a huge hit around here, especially since she gets to help me make it each morning.  Now I can rest assured that she's getting the nutrients she needs each day first thing in the morning.

2.  Clouds.  Wow, I never thought a cloudy overcast day would be a highlight of my week.  After these hot summer days (without air conditioning) I couldn't have been happier to wake up to a cloudy sky.

3.  This picture alone made my week.  Leila and Charlie are best buddies.  They are learning so much from each other.  They make each other laugh, think, communicate, share, tolerate, and just be better overall .  Just thinking about it melts my heart.


Come back here each week for my newest list and don't forget to check out Betsy's list each week too.  Be careful...her positive thinking is addicting!

Want to write your own list?  Just grab the button, add it to your post, and come back to tell us about it.

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