Thursday, April 18, 2013

Leila goes to school!

Leila's first day of preschool was three weeks ago. She's been going one day a week for three hours, but asks to go almost daily. 

I have left Leila at a friend's house before, if I had to run an errand or go to the doctor, but this is different. We're calling this school and rightfully so since that's how it treated by Kari (her teacher).

I seriously found the best at-home preschool just blocks away from our home. Look at these personalized notes complete with a little story about her day on the back! I have saved them all so far. (Please tell me not to save them all.)

Leila and two of her friends get to hang out and play all morning. What could be better than that? Kari provides a great balance of activities for the girls. They do it all...from free choice, both indoors and out, to more structured activities ranging from pretend play to art activities. I am so impressed. I would sent her more often if it was in our budget.

Bold move letting three 2.5 year olds finger paint in the middle of your living room!
I am using this time to get stuff done around the house. Once Carson is older we'll be able to hang out one-on-one, but for now he spends most of his time nursing and sleeping. It's funny how quickly the three hours fly by.

These early experiences are so important to Leila's social, cognitive, and emotional development. Any other moms out there send your toddler to school or do you call it daycare? Leila still a toddler or is she a preschooler now?

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