Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Carson's first month

It's been one month since Carson came into our life. He sure has shaken things up a bit! 

For the first two weeks of his life my parents, aunt, and uncle were staying nearby at a beach rental. They helped me ease into being a mom of two kids. They spent a lot of time with Leila, helped with dinners, did the laundry, and supported me in general. It was awesome.

After they left, it took me a few days to venture out with both kids alone. Once we did, I felt confident going out daily. Success! Carson has been to the park a few times, to his best friend Kai's house, an indoor play place, the grocery store, the bank, his Aunt Val's work, and for walks along the bay.

At one month Carson sleeps and eats most of the day and night. Luckily he loves sleeping in the Ergo (not that he would have a choice) because it allows Leila and me to go out during the day. At night he's sleeping in the Rock 'n Play for 4-5 hour stretches. I love this sleep (and am fully aware that it might not last).

Carson gained a bunch of weight this past week after what seemed like a 24 hour nursing session. At one month old he weighs 8 lbs 4 oz. That’s an 11 ounce gain in one week! He’s still a little guy though. He is wearing newborn diapers and newborn sized clothing. Not for long...if he keeps stretching out like this he's going to need bigger sleepers.

I swear this boy makes more messes at one month old than I thought possible. Am I stereotyping him? It's true. He spits up or poops on just about every outfit he wears. Laundry has doubled this past month.

Hey…I’m one month old!

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