Monday, April 1, 2013

The Great List {4.01.13}

It's Great List time! 

Well, we made it through another week with a newborn and a toddler. I certainly couldn't have done it without help! 

Jeff and our kids...every time we say kids it blows us away that we have TWO!

1. I have been lucky to have so much help during this adjustment period. Jeff, of course, steps up and makes sure Leila has everything she needs while I am busy with Carson. My parents, aunt, and uncle have been watching Leila a lot in the mornings. My mom has been coming to get Leila out of bed at 7:30 so I can start my day smoothly, without being pulled in too many directions. My friend Lauren took Leila to play with her daughter on Friday while Carson and I went to a doctor appointment. My aunt has been making us dinner and it's being delivered to us (and a bunch they froze for us too). My mom has been doing our laundry. The list goes on and on...

2. After a stressful few days, Carson has finally made it past his birth weight. We are nursing as often as possible during the day and I'm taking Fenugreek pills to help increase my supply. The doctor was pleased with his 4 oz weight gain in less than two days so she is officially not worried anymore. Phew!

3. I made it to the beach this weekend! We live so close and do not take advantage of it like we should. My dad and uncle stayed home with Carson and just us girls spent some time with our toes in the sand. It was so relaxing.

4. I have to say good-bye to my mom, dad, Aunt Carrie, and Uncle Pat today after THREE wonderful months of them living less than a mile away at "The Beach House". A lot has happened since they arrived, and although it will be tough to say good-bye, I am so grateful they were here. Next year they are staying even longer...hooray!

I hope you take time this week to step back and reflect on what's GREAT in your life!
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