Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Motherhood changes everything

If I have learned one thing about motherhood, it would be that it changes your life completely.


This is certainly not my "ah-ha" moment. (I had that waaaay back when I was a dysfunctional zombie mom.) These days I've been noticing the little ways my life has changed since becoming a momma.

Did you know...

  • I don't get to blast the music in the bathroom and sing while I shower because it might wake Leila from her nap.

  • I plan my outfit for the day with extreme care not to show my butt while playing with Leila on the floor.

  • It's air conditioning over rolling the windows down on nice days (a.k.a. everyday).

  • I rarely get the last bite of food on my plate.

  • And, my plants do just fine without water.

Did you know...None of these things really ever mattered to me, I'm alright without them. My shower singing is pretty pathetic anyways. And now, when I do get to roll down the windows, I suck in as much fresh air as my lungs can handle.

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