Thursday, March 22, 2012

18 months


Leila is one and a half!

She's changed a lot since last month.

The biggest change this month is that Leila's language has exploded! Last time I counted she was saying fifty words and seems to say a new one (or two) each day.

Today I asked her what she'd like for breakfast and she answered me with, "Waffles cook." Well then...waffles it is! This is only the third time she's put more than one word together (that I understood). Seriously amazing.

We all know that when your toddler starts talking, they also start saying, "No." Leila not only says that dreaded word, she also says, "Nope." I try to respect her wishes, but let's get real, that is just not possible. Half the time she says "no" she really means "yes" anyways. (I swear!)

18 months
Look who got up on the bouncy ride all by herself

Leila did some things this month that melted my heart AND things that drove me crazy. I'm honestly saying I don't remember what drove me crazy, but I remember she did!

Luckily, I wrote down the things that do matter...

This month Leila asked ME for a hug! Best day of my life.

She made her stuffed animal pals "play" with her toys by using Minnie Mouse's hand to press a button and later Geoffrey the giraffe matched a puzzle piece.

Leila was feeling great on day and let me know it by saying, "Happy, happy!" It's so cute and genuine.

This month Leila learned her name. She will point to herself saying, "Neigh-na". She's slowing learning things are HERS.

Discovering her shadow

Happy half-birthday Leila. You are Momma's girl! XOXO

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