Monday, March 19, 2012

The Rich List {Listable Life}

I'm linking up again this week with Nicole over at Moments that Define Life. Each Tuesday she hosts Listable Life on her blog. You can choose from two topics to write about and link up with her too. It's a fun way to meet new bloggers and a way for you to get to know me better.

It is so hard to wrap my brain around this week's list topic:

Things I would do if money were no object?

My mind instantly imagines traveling, shopping, and lots of boat riding. I want it all but, I will try to stay realistic (if that is possible!).

5 things I would do if money were no object:

I want to see it all, but not all at one time. I'd plan an awesome 4-week vacation three times a year (January, June, and November). San Diego's weather is as beautiful as it gets so we'd go to places rich in history, culture, and adventure.

Help others-
I found a quality FREE Mommy-and-Me preschool that I'd love to be able to help out. (Teacher Lee we love you!) This is near and dear to my heart right now. Two years ago I probably would have wanted to open a charter school, but now that I am Leila's teacher, preschool is where it's at!

Man toys-
You know what I mean...jets, boats, motorcycles, cars, tools, electronics, gadgets, and such.

Three total would be fine. One on the beach in San Diego, one on the beach in Maine, and one in downtown Chicago. That way we could visit family in Maine and Chicago and have our own house to stay at.

Shop 'till you drop-
Obviously, I would buy anything I wanted, whenever I wanted. I would drop the most money on bags, sunglasses, shoes, and jeans that were actually comfortable.

My favorite little shopping buddy

I kept it realistic, right?!?

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Alright. Your turn, what would you do if money were no object?
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