Thursday, December 29, 2011

After-Christmas Cheer

Christmas might be over, but we are celebrating the weather here in San Diego! Tourists have invaded our town and everyone seems to be in a good mood.

This week we've been buzzing around enjoying the outdoors. We walked to the end of the pier to see the Christmas tree before they took it down. Leila was very interested in all the fishermen and listening to the waves crashing.
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That same day I decided I was over Christmas. I took down all the ornaments and packed them up while Jeff micro-managed my work. I'm ready for our space back. This apartment is too tiny for our family of three, a cat, a Christmas mess, and a tree.

Well, today is Thursday and our tree is still up and the lights are on. I guess Jeff wasn't on board with killing the after-Christmas spirit so soon. This is the beauty I've been looking at for the past two days.
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Now instead of having a Christmas tree we just have a very large lighted houseplant that clearly looked better with ornaments.
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