Thursday, April 26, 2012

This is for real.

The Elmo Gang (est. 2012) has three members. Leila would like you to believe that she is in charge.

She's probably right.

450 1

My dad (aka Grandpa) and my uncle Pat are the other two members, and yes, they also wear Elmo tattoos.

Don't worry. You can tell by their age that they are not dangerous, a menace to society, or taking over your town.

You may spot them near a bus stop,
450 2
or near the marina
450 3
trying to recruit new members.
450 7
They spend their days picking flowers,
450 4
walking the streets,
and rocking the good life
in a neighborhood near you.
450 6

Yes, Leila is clearly in charge and loving every minute of it.

450 5

You can be sure that "the Elmo gang rides again". -Grandpa
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