Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Better late than never {Halloween 2012}

Thanks to Leila, Halloween is fun again.  

It may have taken three Halloweens to get myself back into the crazy holiday, but our trick-or-treating experience was well worth the wait.

Flashback to Halloween 2010...She slept most of the day.

Baby-blob Leila- 1 month

Flashback to Halloween 2011...The pumpkins were a hit and she had her first taste of Halloween candy.

Ladybug Leila- 13 months
Halloween 2012...Fun!  Fun!  Fun! (Photos courtesy of Jordan at mphotographer.com)

Zebra Leila- 25 months
Okay!  Ready to fill those bags!

Soooo big going to the door all by themselves!

This Mickey Mouse magic wand was a hit

Slightly obsessed with all the Halloween decorations

Checking out the loot
Looking forward to all the holidays this year with my favorite two-year old!
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