Monday, November 12, 2012

Strange pregnancy symptom

I don't really know how to say this, or why I am even telling you this in the first place.  Hopefully it will help some freaked out pregnant lady in the future.  More likely you'll get a giant laugh out of my confession, then Google my symptom like I did.

My pregnant butt is turning the toilet seat BLUE!*  

For reals.  There is a nicely blue-dyed ring on my otherwise white toilet seat.  It won't come off; not with bathroom cleaner, not with Magic Eraser (if that stuff doesn't work then nothing will!).  These are some seriously crazy hormones people.  Or maybe I'm secretly a smurf. 

Nothing else is blue.  Trust me.  I checked my butt and the undergarments it has touched.  My sheets aren't blue like some women have reported.  I did notice that one side of my cross-body diaper bag is dyed blue, and I still blame the new shirt I was wearing.  I did not however, sit on the toilet seat with this new blue shirt covering my butt and thighs.

Is this what having a boy is all about?!

Ever heard of this strange pregnancy symptom? 
Should I be worried?

*After further investigation, I have discovered that it was in fact my dark blue maternity jeans that caused the blue tint on the toilet seat.  I first noticed the blue toilet seat on Saturday, the day after I wore these jeans.  Today I wore the jeans again.  There was not visible blue dye on my butt or thighs, but after wiping my body down with a baby wipe to test this theory, I discovered I did indeed have a blue baby wipe.  Go figure, my toilet seat is a brighter shade of blue as well.  I am not a smurf after all.  Phew.  

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