Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Staying active and healthy during pregnancy

Pregnant or not, staying active and eating healthy foods are an important part of my daily life.  

Everyone knows the benefits of regular exercise and healthy eating.  But how much is too much for someone who is pregnant?  Of course, it all depends on your fitness level before you were pregnant and, most importantly, your doctor's recommendations.

For me, my previous pregnancy experience shaped my views on how hard I push my currently 23-week-pregnant self.  

When I was pregnant with Leila, my 5'1" frame gained 50 pounds.  Not only was that way over the recommended weight gain, it was a pain, literally, to carry around all that extra weight.  I hated how I looked in my third trimester and even worse, hated how I looked and felt after having Leila.  I promised myself (and my sisters) I would NEVER repeat my biggest rookie mistake again.

Currently, staying active and healthy during pregnancy is on the top of my to-do list.  I've been approved by my doctor to run (alright, it's more of a jog these days) and lift light, five pound weights.

My weekly exercise goals have been:

  • Run 2-3 miles, three days a week.  Most days I push a beast of a stroller, but one day a week I request a time to run all by myself.  It's amazing the difference it makes being able to use both hands for momentum while running.
  • Walk, one day a week.  We walk to the local Farmers' Market one afternoon a week.  
  • Lift weights, using my favorite DVD (Bob Harper's Biggest Loser Boot Camp), two days a week.  Of course I have to make modification due to my belly getting in the way!  My sister Valerie is the best motivator and we found time to workout together each week.  My other weight workout is completed during Leila's nap time. 
That's a total of six workouts a week!  It's been easy to fit exercise into my pregnant life, because I was already committed to my fitness before I got pregnant.

This week was special!  I was able to fit in a bonus workout with Jeremy Jackson and DJ Pickel, represented by Look Better Naked Health Management.  Also, thanks to San Diego Mom's Night Out and FITzee Foods for spreading the word on this event.

This fun and active event was right up my alley!  We met at FITzee Foods for an introduction...

Fitzee Foods creates freshly made, pre-portioned meals designed to keep their customers healthy, balanced, and totally in control of their nutrition. Their meals are prepared daily with fresh, organic, and all-natural ingredients.  FITzee also offers a variety quick snacks and meal replacement bars to keep you fueled and focused on the go. All products are available in three specifically portioned sizes to fit each client’s unique lifestyle. All you need to do is heat, eat, and taste the FITzee difference!

Then we headed to a local park, complete with a DJ, for our workout with Jeremy Jackson.  Let me just say, this workout was no joke!  I figured since this event was open to the public, the workout had to be mainstream-appropriate.  I definitely had to modify his exercises and learned a few killer new ones in the process.  (On a side note, Jeremy was full of energy, very personable, and nice to look at.)

Sweaty and giddy after our hour long workout. (Please excuse the poor phone camera quality.)
Once we completed our sweat-session, we headed back to FITzee Foods for food samples, fresh juice, and our swag bag.  

I totally fell in love with their Chewy Chocolate Chip FITzee bar.  You can see a random customer felt exactly the same way I did about the FITzee bar.

I loved this event!  My competitive side really came out and I rocked the workout, belly and all.  I have the sore arms, upper back, butt, core, AND hamstrings to prove it.  That didn't stop me from running three miles the next day though.  I do have Thanksgiving Day 5K coming up...

How much do (or did) you push yourself to stay active and healthy during your pregnancy?
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