Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{Mommy} Holiday Wish List 2012

According to Merriam Webster's online dictionary... 

Wish list (n.)  a list of desired but often realistically unobtainable items 

Just making that clear before I list a bunch of items I'd love to have on my 2012 holiday wish list.  This is for fun!  Maybe you'll even get a gift idea or two for a friend or family member.

Want to play along?  Leave me a list in the comment section or link up your blog post here.  I'd love to see what's on your list (as I'm sure we all have some difficult-to-shop-for people this holiday). 

Wish list {for moms} 

I think this parenting book is right up my alley.
I already agree with the title.

Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor
This will allow Leila the freedom to play in her room by herself and
it will come in handy when the new baby arrives.
I left my gorgeous fish quilt at the park one day (hello mom-brain!). This blanket by JJ Cole is not nearly as beautiful as my quilt, but it is waterproof and it folds up easily to fit in the stroller.

Wish list {for beauty queens}

This is the best smelling lotion EVER!  It is lightweight and perfect for everyday use.
I thought I got it as a gift in an extra large size one year and it seemed to last forever.  
My sister gave me this Mega Bright serum by Origins for my birthday and I loved it! Maybe it's the pregnancy glow, but I'd like to say it improved my skin tone.
Jeff got me this blush called Orgasm by Nars two years ago for Christmas. It's a perfectly universal color and I want more.
I own many perfumes and want to add the newest one by Marc Jacobs to my collection.

Wish list {for the fashionistas}

So...this Black Calypso Canvas Wedge by TOMS may not be the most fashionable wedge out there,
but remember I do stay at home and this is about as dress as I get these days.  I saw them on a mom in our play group and they was totally appropriate for daily wear.

Maybe I should have titled this section differently.
Maternity yoga pants from Gap and fashion just don't belong in the same sentence, huh?
Add captionAll of the Original Seatbeltbag cross-body styles by Harveys are on my wish list. This one in particular is eco-friendly and could even double as a diaper bag.

That rounds out my extremely ridiculous wish list for Christmas 2012.  I could go one for days telling you about things I love... jewelry, scarves, socks, bags, music, etc.  I personally think I am the easiest person to shop for.  I love everything!

What's on your wish list this year?  
Ever own any of the things on my current list?
Anything you would recommend based on my list?

I can't wait to start holiday shopping...even if it isn't for me, shopping for gifts is just as fun!

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