Monday, October 8, 2012

My biggest rookie mistake

As I near the half way mark of this pregnancy, I am beginning to reflect on my experiences as a rookie mom.  Honestly, being a mom of two kind of scares the crap out of me.  Reflecting on my newbie years brings me a sense of control and confidence.

Although I know better than to think I am actually the one in control (Proof I'm not a newbie anymore!), there are things I will definitely try do again with baby number 2 and things that I plan to do differently the second time around.

With baby #2 I will definitely try to...
  • Breastfeed again, and maybe even longer this time since I won't be going back to work.
  • Sleep train this baby as early as possible.  Me without sleep = crazy person.
  • Wear baby #2 in the Ergo carrier.
  • Take monthly pictures of baby #2 to document all the physical changes in the first year.
  • Limit pacifier use to the crib, stroller, and car seat after the first three months (and then eventually just in the crib).
I have confidence that those things will happen again.  I've done them before.  I have experience making them work.  Doing things differently, well that will be more challenging. 

This time around I plan to...
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps just to prove to myself that I can.
  • Deal with a messy house instead of allowing the mess to consume me.
  • Not be so hard on myself.  I am not perfect and I will not panic when things don't go as planned.
  • Give my husband the freedom to do things his way.
  • Always be late.  I am not even going to stress out over trying to be anywhere on time.  I will be implementing a 30 minute window rule for our arrival.  
  • Pretend I am not being judged.  We all know it happens.  This time around I will be too busy to care.
  • Get in the picture. My biggest rookie mom mistake was not wanting to have my picture taken for months after Leila was born.  I even made my family and friends promise not to take any pictures of me in the hospital.  Pathetic huh?
After reading Allison Tate's blog post on the Huffington Post, I was a teary eyed mess.  I know exactly how she and many other women feel after having a baby...low self-confidence, high expectations, embarrassed to still have "fat pregnancy face", and a body you don't recognize. This time I will be in photos with my new baby, sporting my postpartum weight and all.

I did allow Jeff to snap some pictures at the hospital after I finally took a shower.
I deleted almost all of them.  Huge regret. 
At least I am partly in the picture, right, even if I did crop out my entire body and made sure to hide my face behind Leila.
I find it extremely difficult to venture out of my comfort zone. Changing behaviors is never easy.  But I'm not a rookie anymore. 
Time to fess up Mommas.  What will you be doing differently the second (or third) time around?  What was your biggest newbie mom mistake?


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