Thursday, October 18, 2012

Playing the Name Game, again!

Naming a child is such a special and important job.  It's something only parents get to do!  Naming Leila was quite a process, but that is part of the fun!

I love looking in baby name books, online lists, listening for catchy names I hear on television, and of course, I love the names people share as suggestions.  Our list is growing and being edited on a regular basis.  

I have a strange set of name "rules" to be followed, so I have no shame in ruling out a suggested name.

This guy thinks I am crazy, but happily plays by the rules.  He's sweet...he just said that he likes that I am crazy.  "It makes you- you.  Otherwise life would be boring."
Want to suggest a name?  Please do!  Just be sure to follow the rules below and promise you won't get your feelings hurt if I tell you "no".  

My baby naming rules:

  • The name, when written, cannot go below the line.  No lowercase y, p, g, j, or q allowed.
  • There are also some uppercase letters that I just don't like writing so they are out too.  (Told you they were strange rules.)  I don't particularly like writing the uppercase letters G, Y, A, or F.
  • The name of my child my NOT be one of a pesky student that I had.  I taught for eleven years...that rules out a lot of names.
  • I will not name my child the same name as a friend.  Friend can be a loose term these days with Facebook, Twitter, and all the blogs I read.  Since I make the rules, I can decide whether or not this friend's child's name is a contender or not.
  • For those of you who know us personally, you know that our last name can be tricky to match up with a first name.  (Trust me on this one.)  It is a hard sounding, one syllable last name that starts with an S.  So guess what...S names are out too.  (Jeff would beg to differ, but I make the rules remember!)
  • My son and daughter will not both start with the same letter, so L names are out.  We are already Jeff and Jen...Leila and L-something would be too much for me.
So, think you could suggest a BOY name for us?  Or do my rules scare you? Think of it as a challenge and help us name this baby!

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