Wednesday, October 10, 2012

18 weeks {Bumpdate}

How far along: 18 weeks

Weight gain/loss:  No weight gain this week thanks to the three pounds from last week.  I am up a total of four pounds.  
Feeling:  Great!  I did not workout as often this week, but I was able to jog three days.  When I was pregnant with Leila I only was able to run for 18 weeks.  I carried her so low it was too uncomfortable.  Hoping for many more weeks of jogging!

Maternity clothes: Oh yes. I am one lucky girl too!  My mom took me shopping on Monday and I tried on almost every maternity item in the entire store.  I left with a HUGE bag of clothes that should get me through this pregnancy.  Thanks mom!

Stretch marks:  No, no, no.

Sleep: I am getting plenty.  I've been waking up at about three o'clock in the morning for the past few days and I'm having trouble getting back to sleep.  Pregnancy related?  Probably not, but I wouldn't rule it out.

Best moment(s) this week:  Hearing the baby's heartbeat, being told I am on track for weight gain (even though I think its low), and learning from the doctor that it is okay to sleep on my back.

Food cravings: Anything and everything.  I do not remember being this hungry last time.  I eat breakfast and then just an hour later I am starving again.  I still get full fairly easily, so maybe I am eating so often to make up for my small snack-like meals. 

Gender: We are at our ultrasound RIGHT NOW!  We have a 9:15 am appointment.  I'll be sharing the big news tomorrow! 

Movement: Last week someone commented that it actually took them longer to feel movement with their second pregnancy because they knew what the big kicks and rolls felt like.  I get this!  I am expecting jabs and punches, not little flutters.

What I miss:  Wine and wheat beer.  I knew it would only take my mom coming into town to make me want a glass of wine!

What I'm looking forward to: Spending way too much time looking through the baby name books I have!

Weekly wisdom: Short people look more pregnant than tall people.  I am 5'1" and look waaaaay more pregnant than the 5'9" woman I met yesterday that is due just one week after me.  It was kind of unbelievable actually.

Milestones:  Big ultrasound today! 

Due date: 3-13-13

Quick baby gender guess anyone? 

I won't be making this mistake again!  Hopefully she'll continue to sit still long enough to get a  picture of the two of us each week.
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