Friday, October 12, 2012

The Great List {10.12.12}

This has been a super exciting week!  

Amy with Kennady (17 months) and me with Leila (2 years)

1.  We are having a boy!  I couldn't even wait until the next day to share the news.  I really have no idea how people could be "team green".  It's not in my DNA to wait for anything, let alone such life changing news.  To top off the good news we got, my long-time BFF found out she is having a boy too!  Our boys are due just THREE weeks apart.  It's seriously too good to be true.  

2.  I mentioned last week how great it was to have my parents in town.  This week proves to be no different, except that my aunt came to visit too.  Living away from family is hard, but luckily we live in a nice vacation destination!

3.  SHOPPING!!!  I got so many cute fall/winter maternity clothes this week when I went shopping with my mom.  Now let's just hope this weather stays cool so I can start wearing it all.

4.  Jeff got a new job two months ago and is still loving it.  He wakes up early and comes home late without complaining.  I love that this new job is allowing me to stay home with Leila (and baby boy).  Being a stay-at-home-mom has been better than I ever expected.

5.  The name dropping has begun.  Val and Betsy have been email and texting me BOY names since the minute we found out.  We have a list growing list of possibilities and we will be sharing as soon as we decide.    I love looking in name books and searching names online.  Naming your children is a fun task!

I'm happy to have made it to Friday!  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 

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