Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My child is strange.

When Leila gets hurt, like trips over her own feet and skins her knee or gets whacked by a fellow toddler, she doesn't run to Mommy for a hug.  She doesn't run to Daddy either.

My child is strange.  Instead of looking for comfort, Leila runs away from it.

Asking her if she's okay just makes her yell, "No!"  Trying to give her a kiss makes her squirm.  Receiving any attention over getting hurt just makes things worse.

I know she's hurt.  I can tell by the tears or screams.  On the rare occasion that she does want me to pick her up and cuddle her, I know she's really feeling the pain, but the other 99% of the time, she deals with it in her own way.

Jeff and I have been discussing this quirk for a while now and we can't come up with an explanation.  Care to help?

Is she embarrassed?  Does she not like all the attention?  Are we doing something wrong?

Linking up again this week with Melissa over at Growing up Geeky.  This week's topic is funny or quirky habits.  I'm not sure Leila's behavior really fits into either category.
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