Monday, October 15, 2012

Simple Toddler Craft {Fall Pumpkin}

This pumpkin craft couldn't get any easier.  It required no prep on my part, just a quick trip through the Target dollar bins and a few seconds gathering supplies.

The girls were occupied for about 25 minutes, which is hours in "toddler time".


  1. Explore the flow of the white glue
  2. Develop fine motor skills
  3. Work independently


  • I found the foam pumpkins at Target (10 for $1)
  • Washable white glue
  • Washable markers
  • Bits 'n' pieces (sequins, pom-poms, foam shapes, ribbon squares)
I have a pretty big collection of what I call "bits 'n pieces",  because I am a teacher.  I found most of these items throughout the year in the Target dollar bins.  I store each type in a Ziplock bag and use shallow paint cups to distribute them as needed.  The sequins were the biggest hit.  What girl can resist some sparkle?!

Check out Leila's serious crafting face above.

The point of this project was the process, not the product.

The girls got to do each and every part themselves.  I stepped in when Charlie made a large glue puddle, and showed her how to make dots and thin lines instead.  When Leila was sticking her bits 'n pieces in places with no glue, I showed her that they didn't stick there.  Other than that they were completely independent!

I am a big fan of child-directed projects like this.  Check out my Toddler Art Ideas page for more crafty ideas to do throughout the year.


We'll be doing more simple toddler-appropriate crafts in the coming weeks...I did get 10 foam pumpkins!  I would love your suggestions on what to do with the rest of the pumpkins.

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