Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Obsessed much?

My child obsessed?  You betcha.

If you have been lucky enough to witness one of the most hysterical Leila meltdowns ever, you know that "obsessed" may not be a strong enough description.

Leila is obsessed with having blankets on her head. (I can hardly write that without laughing out loud.)

It's not easy capturing this obsession with my camera.  And I certainly will not stage a photo opportunity because I know what will come of it...
Whining, followed by an epic meltdown, is the result of the blanket falling off of her head.  

Sometimes she trips over the blanket and it comes off.  Sometimes the blanket is too heavy for her and she can't manage to keep it on her head properly AND play. Sometimes she just forgets how badly she wanted the blanket on and carelessly lets it slip off. 

It's a scary sight when this happens.  The crying stops only when the blanket is put back on her head. (Seriously I am laughing again.)

We can go days, even weeks, without a single blanket being on her head.  But when she spies a blanket...and her head starts spinning, be prepared to laugh at what's to come.

Seriously exhausted from all the melting down.

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